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Life Insurance

If you have dependents or other people with whom you share your life, life insurance can play a vital and valuable role at virtually every stage of your life. W. (Bill) Brandon Jr. can help you make smart choices when buying life insurance: As an independent broker, Bill serves the client - not the company and will help you to determine how much life insurance that you need, for how long you will need it, and the best product choice and life insurance company that best fits your particular situation.

A handful of decisions have great significance over the course of a lifetime: A home, a family, a community. For most people, life insurance falls into that category because it protects a family against a devastating loss of income. But the right policy for you must be one that fits your circumstances.

The Financial Security that you provide for your family depends of course
on you being there, without you, the Money Machine has stopped.
Every man is a money machine and should be insured for what he is worth.
Are you convinced that you have Guaranteed your Family's Financial Security? 

                                                                              With the low interest rates of 5% or less,
                                                                it would take $3,000,000  to replace $150,000 of income.

                                                                  Life insurance is time... the time a man might not have.
                                                                            If he needs time...he needs life insurance.
                                                                                              Do you need time?

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